Famous as the trademark of supplying traditional Wedding Cakes, Fung Wong Biscuits has been established for more than a century and is still providing an extensive range of traditional Chinese pastries to its loyal and new customers

Founded over 100 years ago by Chan Seng, the idea was to produce traditional Chinese pastries and cookies with generation-old recipes from his motherland, the Canton province of China. With the aim to pursue the family business, Chan Kwok Chin started his business by renting a small stall in front of an old coffee shop (kopitiam) in Chinatown, Petaling Street Kuala Lumpur.

Word spread slowly, and in the ‘50s, Fung Wong Biscuits became famous throughout Kuala Lumpur for being a modest Chinese bakery retailing exclusive Wedding Cakes. In order to follow his father’s footsteps in the traditional Chinese pastry making, Kwok Chin has invented his own recipes of assorted Chinese pastries to offer to his customers.

Before long, Kwok Chin invested and moved into the coffee shop formerly owned by the kopitiam proprietor to expand his production capacity to meet the increased demand for his pastries.

Soon, the fourth generation of Chans joined in, primarily Chan Yuee Soon. From age to age, Fung Wong Biscuits had brightened many weddings, Full Moon celebrations and Mooncake Festivals. We pride ourselves in sustaining a loyal following of patrons and are ever ready to greet new customers with our quality products!